Dr. Frankenstein and His Monster

Written by on November 13, 2020

With over 2 billion computers on Earth, we are surrounded by these machines.
Our calculators, phones, laptops and Pcs are the obvious ones.
But that’s only the start. . .

Computer: An electronic device that manipulates information, or data. It has the ability to store, retrieve, and process data

Traffic lights, washing machines, security systems, and even refrigerators have been integrated with computers.
With new technology rapidly advancing, humanity has become reliant on these machines ability to store retrieve and process data.

These damn kids with their damn phones!

You’re grandparents probably

Is this co-dependency bad for humanity?
There’s a point where our relationship with the screens becomes Toxic. For sure!
Take a look at my screen time!

Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and other apps are competing for our attention
These computers exist in every facet in our lives
Is this detrimental?
Is this a monster under the bed?

Are we Dr. Frankenstein and have we created a Monster?

If you aren’t familiar with the novel “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley, I’ll give you everything you need to know!

Basically, Dr. Frank was in search of the answers to the secrets of life and death, as well as to create a new species, and renew life.
Stopping here, Alan Turing's goal, when he created the first computer, was to build a machine that could answer any problem someone would give it
Dr. Frankenstein successfully brought to life The Monster!
Once again stopping on the journey,  John Mauchly and Presper Eckert successfully created the first fully electronic computer in 1946!
The Monster, alive, became confused and violent.

Are computers violent?

The easy answer is no. Computers on their own aren’t violent right?
All computers require programming, and without that outside influence can’t be inherently evil. It’s that simple!

So the analogy is dead in the water? Apples to Oranges?

Not even close, this fact that computers aren’t evil goes hand in hand with Frankenstein!

So back to it!

The Monster isn't evil
We see this after its' creation. It saves a young girl and helps some poor people!
Computers started off as ugly yet ultimately beneficial to society
 sounds familiar eh
Then after repeated abuse, The Monster committed several acts of murder
*I mean I'd kill more than a few people if I looked like it did*
But, from the comparing perspective this fits the narrative...

Computers and technology at it’s core is fundamentally good
Just as the Monster was
So, if the monster suffered abuse and turned evil, what happens to technology after years of similar treatment?

Corporations, individuals, governments, and everything in between have used and abused technology since the 90’s
And after years of manipulation, has it gotten to the point where it’s doing harm to an extensive degree?


Social media is often a victim of this abuse and its’ story has it’s own Frankenstein-esque vibe too it.
Starting off something beautiful, used and abused to the point likes determine social status.
Social media has been linked with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety A good explanation of this is The Social Dilemma
In the age of social media, suicides have increased tremendously
Social media has led to an increase in self absorption
But, is it The Monster?

The lack of security is another issue associated with technology
Big corporations now under fire for collecting personal data and selling it.
Not only that it’s sold, then resold, then resold again who knows how many times on the black market
Are these greedy companies The Monster?

Disinformation is more prevalent then ever
Political organizations, companies, countries, individuals, all spreading false information to anyone and everyone
A study was done at MIT and it showed that false news traveled substantially faster than real news does
They say never believe what you read on the internet
But is this false information The Monster?

Our AI overlords
I hope and pray we don’t let society get to this point
But, as nature as showed
Humans have a tendency to destroy each other
Will AI be The Monster?

The End

At the end of the novel Frankenstein dies with the wish he could destroy the thing he viewed as The Monster

Life is about perspective. If Dr. Frankenstein chose to see the being for what it was, not what it appeared to be, his life would have looked dramatically different!
That’s the case with technology
The internet, computers, tech, is not The Monster
It’s a creation created with a blank slate
It’s up to us on how we view it, how to mold it
I encourage you to take a step back and look at your use of the tools you were given
Will you die wishing you never created The Monster?

Jack Maitland
Director of Content

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