Plans to Launch Cryptocurrency Coin and Marketplace

Written by on August 26, 2020

Plans to Launch Cryptocurrency Coin and Marketplace

Numuni is a powerful monetization platform developed for digital media publishers, software providers, and online games. It enables the privacy-friendly monetization of users’ spare computer processing power, incentivizing participation through premium digital media content distribution. Numuni is a revolutionary solution to the increasing impotence of traditional digital advertising strategies. Freed resources are pooled to form a distributed supercomputer that can mine cryptocurrency, run scientific simulations, train AIs, perform 3D rendering, and undertake many more tasks.

Thus far, Numuni has already signed a number of major pre-commitment deals with a variety of websites providing total access to over 800 million users around the world. With that breadth and reach, the Company believes it can achieve a powerful revenue stream driven by average revenues per user (ARPU) of between $0.20 – $40.00 per month, depending on end-user processing power.

According to the Company, tokens will be awarded to users of Numuni’s software or mobile app, along with units of Numuni’s virtual currency. Virtual currency can be spent to gain access to digital content rewards and to remove advertisements from popular digital media websites. Tokens can then be exchanged for USD or other popular cryptocurrencies in Numuni’s future crypto marketplace.

Each computer and mobile phone with Numuni installed will serve as a node in the Numuni blockchain, creating a network of millions of newly adopted crypto users. 

“The biggest challenge surrounding the crypto industry is achieving widespread adoption,” commented Robert Reynolds, CEO of Numuni. “We plan to take advantage of our unique digital content monetization distribution model to be the first crypto company to successfully achieve mass adoption.”

On July 22, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (the “OCC”) published a letter clarifying national banks’ and federal savings associations’ authority to provide cryptocurrency custody services for customers. In the letter, the OCC concluded that “providing cryptocurrency custody services, including holding unique cryptographic keys associated with cryptocurrency, is a modern form of traditional bank activities related to custody services”, which represents a landmark decision clearing the way for more growth in cryptocurrency use ahead.

Management notes that cryptocurrencies have been outperforming traditional assets this year as well, with the price of Bitcoin up over 150% since its lows in March.


About Numuni, Inc.

Numuni is developing breakthrough technologies that aim to disrupt the digital marketplace for paid content by making use of the vast amount of unused computing resources that personal computer desktops have. Numuni has a unique technology that is positioned to transform the user experience of consuming digital content, increasing the content provider’s earnings as they deliver that experience, as well as leverage the GPU computing power as a commodity to increase efficiency and cost savings.

General information about Numuni, Inc. can be obtained at the company’s website at or you can follow @numunionline on Twitter.

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