Dr. Frankenstein and His Monster

Have we created a monster? Written by Jack Maitland


The Most Powerful Puzzle

Humanity still hasn't assembled it's largest puzzle! written by Jack Maitland

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Introducing Our Director of Content

Introducing the Director of Content Jack Maitland


Know Your Earning Potential With Numuni’s Monthly Revenue Calculator

Know Your Earning Potential With Numuni’s Monthly Revenue Calculator Numuni is proud to present our Monthly Revenue Calculator. We have essentially evangelized our own cohort projection models into a user-friendly calculator for all to use and understand how much money your traffic can make by using Numuni in your trusted marketing solutions. This calculator will […]


Plans to Launch Cryptocurrency Coin and Marketplace

Plans to Launch Cryptocurrency Coin and Marketplace Numuni is a powerful monetization platform developed for digital media publishers, software providers, and online games. It enables the privacy-friendly monetization of users’ spare computer processing power, incentivizing participation through premium digital media content distribution. Numuni is a revolutionary solution to the increasing impotence of traditional digital advertising […]


Cryptocurrencies in Banking Discussion is Heating Up

It’s no secret that banks and cryptocurrency have struggled to see eye-to-eye in the United States. If you have been watching this conversation, you would have viewed a letter from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) recently that introduces a new narrative to the discussion. They stated, “Government-issued currencies, including the U.S. […]


Numuni Partners with NiceHash, the World’s Leading Hash Power Marketplace

Numuni, Inc., (“Numuni”) a subsidiary of Sun Kissed Industries, Inc. (OTC Pink: SKDI) (“Sun Kissed”, “SKDI”), has partnered with H-BIT, d.o.o., owner of NiceHash.com (“NiceHash”), the largest cryptocurrency hash power marketplace in the world, consisting of hundreds of thousands of GPU/CPU processing buyers and sellers. NiceHash is the #1 marketplace in the world for hash […]

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